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headshot - Laura Kissel, Director [b/w, 300 dpi jpg]   [color, 300 dpi tif]

production shot - Laura Kissel and Li Zhen at Yangshan Deepwater Port

more production stills are downloadable from Cotton Road Facebook page 


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hands repairing fabric | caption: A migrant worker repairs fabric in a weaving factory in Changzhou, China.

textile worker | caption: A migrant worker repairs a broken thread on a loom at a textile factory in Changzhou, China. 

Ms. Jiang | caption: Ms.Jiang, owner of a clothing company in Shanghai, discusses how difficult it is to produce clothing for the low prices offered by American and European retailers. 

Liu Chengfeng | Migrant worker Liu Chengfeng, 19 years old, takes a break from work in her dorm room.

100% cotton yarn bag | caption: A bag of cotton yarn, ready for shipment to a weaving factory. 

cotton bloom and square | caption: Farmer Brown points out a cotton bloom and cotton square. 

Farmer Brown | caption: Farmer Brown standing in one of his cotton fields in July. 

clothing price tag  | caption: Price tags ready to be attached to shirts in a clothing factory in Shanghai. 

Farmers Brown and Tyler | caption: Cotton farmer Carl Brown and his farm hand, Grover Tyler.

shipping containers | caption: A quilt-like pattern of shipping containers stacked at the Port of Savannah.